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Corinna Larsen and businessman Allen Sanginés-Krause co-owned a company in Seychelles

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Corinna Larsen and businessman Allen Sanginés-Krause co-owned a company in Seychelles

The German consultant, who was once romantically linked with Spain’s emeritus king Juan Carlos I, sent a €30,000 invoice to one of the Mexican’s companies for reasons that are unclear

José María Irujo
Madrid - 06 Oct 2021-12:44 UTC

Corinna Larsen, the German businesswoman who was once involved in a romantic relationship with Spain’s emeritus king Juan Carlos I, once co-owned a company in a tax haven with Mexican entrepreneur Allen Sanginés-Krause. The latter is being investigated by the Spanish Supreme Court prosecutor for making payments to Juan Carlos, which were not declared to the Spanish Tax Agency.

The evidence that reveals this previously unknown connection between Larsen and Sanginés-Krause is among the Pandora Papers, a massive leak of 11.9 documents from 14 offshore service providers. The investigation has been coordinated by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), and has counted on the participation of EL PAÍS and television network La Sexta in Spain. The leak covers five decades of documentation, and allows for the reconstruction of operations carried out by politicians, multimillionaires, criminals and elite sports figures in countries and territories that are usually considered to be tax havens due to their confidential approach to sharing fiscal information and the low tax rates offered to foreign capital.

The company in question was named Fortuna Ventures Ltd., and was registered in Seychelles on October 1, 2009. Larsen used her company Apollonio Holdings to create the firm, while Sanginés-Krause used Montpascal Holdings, a company that he was linked to. Documents held by EL PAÍS show that these two firms are shareholders of Fortuna Ventures Ltd., and that Larsen was the director. Neither of the two has responded to requests sent by the consortium about the revelations.

[...] For many years, Larsen has been working as a consultant and a fixer in international businesses via another of her companies, Apollonia Associates, which is based in the microstate of Monaco in the French Riviera. A Swiss prosecutor, Yves Bertossa, is investigating Larsen for an alleged money laundering offense for having received €64.8 million in a bank account she held in the Bahamas, and that was transferred from a Swiss account held by Juan Carlos I. Lire la suite.

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