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They investigate the use of the Infanta Elena of the other Panamanian ‘offshore’ to receive money from Juan Carlos I

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They investigate the use of the Infanta Elena of the other Panamanian ‘offshore’ to receive money from Juan Carlos I

By MRT on November 4, 2021

The Swiss Prosecutor’s Office investigates the use of the Infanta Elena of the ‘offshore’ Lactuva, incorporated in Panama, to receive money from Juan Carlos I through the account of the Zagatka foundation in the Credit Suisse by Ginebra. Lactuva SA, which was registered in the Panamanian commercial registry on November 15, 2000. The instrument became “inactive”, as of September 10, 2019, after the opening of the prosecutor’s investigation Yves Bertossa in Geneva, as can be seen in the commercial registry of Panama.

A few months before its dissolution, the scandal over the Swiss front men of Juan Carlos I had broken out after OKDIARIO unveiled the content of the commissioner’s recording Jose Villarejo a Corinna Sayn Wittgenstein. That tape with the confessions of the German princess, while the police surreptitiously recorded it, led to the initiation of the case P14783 / 2018 of the Geneva Prosecutor’s Office, which continues to investigate the Swiss figureheads and the hidden assets of the King Emeritus abroad.

OKDIARIO has had access to a part of the summary P / 14783/2018, investigated by the Swiss prosecutor Bertossa, and has the bank documentation of Fondation Zagatka. The data, which the Geneva prosecutor keeps secret, show that the directors of Zagatka, with registered office in Liechtenstein, transferred to the offshore Panamanian Lactuva SA, only in the first six months of 2008, the amount of 85.044 euros, in three transfers in European currency and US dollars. Lire la suite.

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