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Foreign Office knew of coup

lundi 29 novembre 2004

Foreign Office knew of coup

Deux extraits de ce long article en anglais sur le site du journal "" :

[He also hopes to establish what contact was made between British, French and Spanish diplomats over the plot. "There are too many unanswered questions," he added. "I believe the Foreign Secretary must come clean and explain precisely what the British government knew, when it knew it, and why apparently it took no action as a result of it."

Mr Mandelson, now Britain’s sole European Commissioner, used to rent a house from Eli Calil, a businessmen alleged by Mr Obiang’s office to have been the mastermind behind the botched coup - which would have benefited several oil companies. This has drawn staunch denials from Mr Mandelson, who said through a spokesman that he "never had a discussion with anyone about this alleged coup". ]

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