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Parmalat and throwing in the sponge

mardi 17 juillet 2007

Extrait du blog du ministre des infrastructures italien Antonio di Pietro :

The Parmalat scandal, together with others that have followed, has had significant effects in the loss of credibility of the country in relation to abroad.

Italy is in the last position for foreign investments and the reason is not the presumed interference of the government, as has been hurriedly affirmed by our monopolists without money, but it is due to the lack of rules, of checks, of attention to policies, to financial information that is crystal clear and understandable to citizens.

Italia dei Valori has confidence in your company and in the reform of the Stock Exchange and the Consob with the introduction of true governance rules to protect the market.

I just want to mention a series of situations that give rise to the lack of trust of investors, to bankruptcies, to income from position, to the destruction of value.

The mechanism of Chinese boxes with the possibility to control a company without having the majority shareholding and often with laughably small percentages with the transfer of dividends of 90/100%, dividends that are taken away from investments and employment.

Lire la suite de l’article.

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